This manual describes the Open Systems Pharmacology Suite. It includes a technical description of each software element with examples and references for further reading. The aim of the manual is to assist users in effectively developing PBPK models.

The handbook is divided into the following parts:

Mechanistic Modeling of Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics

"Mechanistic Modeling of Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics" provides a brief general introduction to the science of computational systems biology with a strong focus on mechanistic modeling of pharmacokinetics and –dynamics.

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Open Systems Pharmacology Suite

"Open Systems Pharmacology Suite" provides a brief overview of our software platform, its scope, and puts it into context with the science.

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Working with PK-Sim®

A technical description of the different software elements is presented starting with PK-Sim® focusing on physiologically-based pharmacokinetics in "Working with PK-Sim®".

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Working with MoBi®

MoBi® focusing on model customization and extension as well as on pharmacodynamics in "Working with MoBi®".

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Shared Tools and Example Workflows

Tools shared between PK-Sim® and MoBi® and some workflow examples are presented in "Shared Tools and Example Workflows".

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Working with R

The interfaces to the common computing environment R is described in "Working with R".

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