R - Introduction

R Toolbox for MoBi®‌‌‌

The R Toolbox is a collection of R functions which allows the processing of MoBi® models. A variety of functions is offered to manipulate models, to simulate models, and to handle simulation results.

The functions are designed very similar to the functions that are provided with the MoBi® Toolbox for Matlab®.

Details are available in the build-in help of R upon loading the R package.

Installing the R Toolbox‌

The R Toolbox is provided to the user as a zip file. This zip file can be found under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Systems Pharmacology\MoBi Toolbox for R X.Y\MoBiToolboxForR_X.Y.Z.zip" . The standard package install via zip files is used. On Windows, install.packages can install a binary package from a local zip file by setting argument repos to NULL. Rgui.exe has a menu Packages with a GUI interface to install.packages that may be used.